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  • City Wellness Collective 1414 west 28 street, Suite 301 New York, NY 10001 USA

Colorpuncture - Intro Workshop and Sound Therapy

Come and join us for an evening of exploration of colors and lights as a therapy. Mauro will spend the first part of the hour explaining what Esogetics Colorpuncture is and how it works, along with a quick sequence that will help your limbic system relax. In the second part of the session, we will play a powerful Esogetics Sound Therapy that aims at unlocking your sleeping and dreaming patterns.

About Esogetics Colorpuncture

Esogetics Colorpuncture is a powerful but gentle, non-intrusive and highly effective modality that uses colors, lights, crystals, and sound therapy to enable self-healing from the inside out. The main application is a handheld device with interchangeable rods that shine a different light on targeted points on the skin treated by a predetermined sequence. People who have tried Colorpuncture experienced an instant sense of deep relaxation and a positive shift of their chronic or acute symptoms. Perfect for all ages and conditions.

About Esogetics Soundscape

These sounds where coded specifically in a way that your subconcious will be able to decode and translate in power information and blocakc removal. Sleep is extremely important in processing everyday situations, especially in modern times where extraordinary strains, poor nutrition, problems, stress, depression and pain are the norm and the most frequent factors that lead us to blockages. The sequence that will play tonight is specifically studied to remove information blockages that in turn will promote harmonization and calm of the brain waves.