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  • ImpactHub NYC 394 Broadway 5FL New York, ny 10013 United States

The class series runs monthly across the year. Each class will focus on one specific aspect of the essential oils health benefits and natural remedies using essential oils. In all classes we will discuss how to use oils to boost immunity against popular seasonal disturbances such as upset stomachs, runny noses, head tension, and how to support your health and immune system during other day to day activities such as riding subways, flying in crowded planes, naturally cleaning the household, etc. 

These are hands-on classes. You will explore our own set of oils and incorporating them into nasal inhalers, roller balls, topical creams, and more.

All classes take place from 6PM and 8PM at ImpactHub, located at 394 Broadway in NYC.  All classes will take place at floor 5 in the Amsterdam Room.

To register, please contact or Anna