In this age of sensorial overstimulation, information overload, and instant gratification, it is easy to confuse truth from false, good from bad information. We scan through headers and subtitles, we listen to editor's opinions without making our research; most often we get influenced by whatever is published on the internet as the "golden truth".  Given the propensity of mass media to sell us the dramatic and sensational version of a story, it can get confusing and overwhelming very quickly. "That" ingredient or product that we eat everyday suddenly might be the cause of cancer in a recent study. Suddenly we get obsessed and stop eating rather than eat something that could damage our health. Truth is, there are ways to stay informed with the right information, and feed yourself with the correct nutrients. One way is to keep listening to your own body & mind.


Food is not only what we ingest by mouth. Food is anything that our body and our mind absorbs or come in contact with and that will affect our energy. Food is also for our eyes and our ears. The combination of what we ingest, absorb, hear, see, and feel, make us overall healthy and influence the way we live our lives. Being smart about food, or Food Smart, means that  we understand what our body and mind wants through our own continuous individual research and learning experience. 


About Mauro

Being Italian for me it means eating well and consciously, cooking meals for myself and for friends. Knowing that food feeds not only our body, but also our minds and emotions, we, as a community treat food with respect like we would with a good friend.

I support and strive to consume home-prepared, locally-grown, seasonally-picked, and sustainably transported food. 

In my past life, I explored and documented sustainable living across 22 states, from East to West and back to NYC, to understand what sustainable really means to America's communities between the 2 coasts, and in  the process learned what it means to me.

In May 2015 I received my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I'm currently an Ambassador of this amazing school that has prompted me to start yet another rewarding career in my life.

I currently offer a 6-month program, as well as individual & group workshops on how to make more educated food and lifestyle choices. My niche markets are high-school and college students, and expats. Email me for more info.

If you never heard about it, Live In The Grey promotes living a life doing what you love doing best. I encourage you to read my story, and to sign up to their newsletter!

mauro at dontstopeating dot com



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Contributor's Submission

Are you passionate about being on the forefront of a healthy lifestyle? Do you love eating food in its purest form? Do you want to inspire others to live the same way by following these same principles? Don't Stop Eating is looking for original content that identifies with the meaning behind being Food Smart. Our definition of Food is broad; it goes beyond what we ingest and digest...it is also what we absorb, hear, see, and feel around us. What it comes down to is the fact that we believe Food is anything that influences both the body and mind.

Editorial Guidelines

We are looking for all type of contributions (see below for a suggestion list)- ideally it should be something that you have experienced personally or that you can identify with as a result of a direct experience. Your stories should be backed up by research and evidence, timely statistics, and corresponding references. We like content that has a positive outlook on things, but that doesn't mean avoiding the truth either. For example, if you feel the need to talk about colorants being bad in your food and the health benefits of avoiding them, you should talk about it granted you are backed by reliable references.

We highly welcome IIN students that want to guest write or practice their knowledge with a small publisher that has an ambitious vision for the future. At the least, you are versed to stay on top of the latest food industry buzz, the do's and don'ts, pitfalls, and have a grasp of most diets and trends out there. 

Quality Requirements

  • Language: Don't Stop Eating currently targets an English-speaking audience. Please submit your content in English. Translations can be arranged for International collaborations.

  • Posts should be no more than 500 to a 1000 words. When necessary, the content will be split in multiple posts

  • Original content: use your own words, especially when reposting someone else's content/news. Duplicate content is plagiary and also bad for SEO. 

  • No "porn click" titles and content allowed: be sensational in your authenticity. Let the originality of the topic and the ethical twist in your content lure visitors in to read your story. 

  • Always investigate the original source of news and make it the main reference. Make sure you go up the stream and research the original post and references. Most times, the content published down the stream has been modified just to generate traffic.

  • Reputable references: Make sure you research the reputation of your sources and evidence. Just because it has been published on the internet, doesn't mean that it has to be true. Consider researching also paper and other medias as well.

Blog Vision and Definitions

Don't Stop Eating believes in the following concepts: (ideally, you would reflect these concepts in the content you submit for publishing).

  • Food. We write Food with the capital "F"  to identify the broader meaning of the word. We believe that eating food goes beyond ingestion. In other words, nutrients can also be acquired from light, sound, emotions, and energies.

  • Provide a solution.  Even if there isn't one, simply express your honesty to the reader. The most important part of your content is your personal experience and educated opinion.

  • Food Smart. Being Food Smart means being knowledgeable and curious for the sake of one's health. Food Smart people go beyond the simple taste of food, and understand concept such as food energetics.

  • Bio-Individuality. What works for you may not work for someone else. Think about it when you swear to your visitors that the magic of Kale will cure their cancers.

  • Prevention. "An apple a day..." Western culture teaches us to fix what's broken. By taking a holistic and preventive approach many modern diseases and conditions can be avoided. Our content should encourage prevention.

  • Moderation. Even water consumption taken to the extreme can cause our body and mind harm. While Kale is good for you, eating too much of it has been show to cause thyroid issues.

  • Calories. In post-modern nutrition, the calories-in -calories-out + exercise model have been shown to be insufficient in defining food's real value against our health, and nonetheless to identify food's quality. There are many more important factors to keep in mind. Among those: processed food, sugar, fat,  portion size, GMO's, toxicity, food energetics, to name a few. 

  • Diets and Detox. 

Preferred Topics and Subjects

We encourage you  to write about the following subjects:

  • Food recipes

  • Food to Farm 

  • Eating Out

  • Product-making

  • Product reviews

  • Influencer Interviews

  • Food politics

Editorial Policies

Guest posts and contributions are subject to edit by the editorial staff at DSE. Changes might be also suggested to initial submitted content in order to to adhere to blog policies and standards. Please don't be offended by it!