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Modern diets reflect people's desire to minimize effort in finding balance within each individual's nutrition routine. While some more restrictive diets might be useful to maintain of aid into certain medical conditions, in general the so called "yo-yo diets" don’t work in the long run; reality is that they put too much stress on restrictions and rules that make them short lived and unsustainable. Take the Paleo diet for example. Some of us have enough native processing power to digest meat, while other don't, making this diet a bad idea for some individuals. Some people dive fully into veganism, while their systems get denied many of the nutrients necessary for sustenance, getting them sick over time. Truth is, there is no secret pill and no diet fits-all formula. There is no perfect diet, there is no perfect medicine, there is no perfect combination of calories and key ingredient. Lifestyle and quality of food is the newfound golden rules for happier, healthier, longer lives.  The real answer to this seemingly complex modern challenge is to embark on a journey with your own body and mind to discover what works best for your system. While we have are all equipped with a powerful instinct that guides us every day through life, having a Health Coach on your side will speed up the process of learning and self-improvement. 

a misleading Nutrition science

When it comes to food and nutrition science there is a lot of confusion and misconception on a variety of topics out there in the media outlets. After all, publishers end up producing content that creates the most sensation among readers, including what every magazine and blog out there sells as the ultimate perfect miracle routine or food ingredient. The latest trendy ingredient or diet is just not going to cut it. Why? Because it's a trend, and like all trends it will be replaced with a better one sooner or later. In our brief modern history, humans have quickly gone from hunters and gatherers to slave of a culture that will suggest what good for you to eat. Supermarkets and the mass-produced food industry seems to have become the ugly modern version of what used to be our grandma's nutritional advices. While we can't trust a for-profit organization that competes with million others in a very competitive market, we also generally forgot our own instinctual voice, that one that tell us "what our system really needs right now and how we want to feel ' and not 'what kind of exotic food we want to eat at the moment.' To debunk a myth, and totally supporting what Joshua Rosenthal already made it a staple topics of his own program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, nutrition science seems to be the most imprecise science out there. Based on the same concept, Joshua teaches that one person's food is another person's poison. My program helps you look closer home, within inside you, to find the perfect balance between your lifestyle and what your system needs. After that, you won't have to doubt what your needs are one more minute in your life. 


I was raised Italy until the age of 23, but since I've been living in the USA my food intake has changed a lot. Although I take pride of my cultural background, I currently don't eat much of the Italian cuisine. Why? This might surprise you, but Italian cuisine can be very rich and heavy, becoming taxing to the body. While in Italy ingredients are more fresh and of higher quality, the result of centuries of perfected production methods, in USA some key elements change the chemistry of the food: water, air, soil, lifestyle will all change how you eat and how your system digests and processes the ingested food. In my program, we will consider who you are, where you come from, who you are biologically, and what biological phase you are experiencing in life, integrating my teachings to your personal goals. While changing the habits and the diet that I inherit as part of my culture feels against nature at times, it made a substantial difference in my life. I learned to substitute ingredients with healthier ones, to change the ratio intake fo certain foods, and to introduce new ones that feel more available on this side of the world. Looking back at my photos from 10 years ago, I realize how much the changes in my diet and lifestyle routine has changed what I look like and how I feel, making my life journey such a happier and more satisfying one. Bio-individuality is important and it's the key to the program I lead. From day 1 I design your individual program also based on your genetic background, your emotional being composition, your astrological sign, your blood type, your career style, your daily routines, and your level of fitness. These elements all tie together into provide you with a new holistic path and a more instinctual solution to your own individual challenges.

Changing food habits in our modern age it most often means opting out from cultural and tradition that we are accustomed to.
— Jeremy Seifert, "OMG GMO"


Spirituality is essential when we eat Food. I'm not talking about the the kind of spirituality that takes you to church or to buddha temples to pray. As we all have boht a physical and a spiritual sides, so do the fruits, the vegetables, and the animals that we eat every day.  

You must be able to recognize what you are - or what you would like to be - in order to consciously recognize the foods that will nourish that
— Steve Gagné, "Food Energetics"