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Colorpuncture is a powerful but gentle, non-intrusive and highly effective modality that uses colors, lights, crystals, and sound therapy to enable self-healing from the inside out. The main application is a handheld device with interchangeable rods that shine a different light on targeted points on the skin treated by a predetermined sequence. People who have tried Colorpuncture experienced an instant sense of deep relaxation and a positive shift of their chronic or acute symptoms. It's perfect for all ages and conditions.

Mauro is a certified Health Coach and Esogetics Colorpuncture practitioner by the Internation Peter Mandel Institute. 

about the face mask treatment

The skin is the largest sensory organ and as such it has to process all those visible and invisible, internal and external elements that it comes across. According to the Holonomic Brain Theory, the brain can be described as holographic, and as such it casts shadows on all surrounding skin cells, including the skin. That makes it a logical next steps to find a reflex system that corresponds to each part of the brain and its connection to organs and bodymind systems. Just like foot, ear, and back reflexology, the one on the face is one of the most important systems known according to Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetics Colorpuncture. The face can be compared to a seismic instrument which can record internal attitude, inner joy, fear, power, depression, and every single feeling.

Following the above logic, you can easily understand how  real beauty originates from  the  inside out!

Beauty cannot be exclusively achieved only through smooth skin and pink complexion, physical corrections that can be easily be made from  the outside. Beauty has to be about the radiance that originates from inside of us.

The Esogetics Colorpuncture Color Mask of the Face is about gently reconnecting unconscious to the conscious by using these reflex zones and colored lights.

People that experience this 10 to 15-minute treatment usually experience a feeling of extreme relaxation and calmness not only at the face level, but across the whole body.


  1. General point of the skin - third eye, pituitary glands
  2. Zone of power - physical strength and energy
  3. Zone of mind and intellect - mid brain, learning capabilities
  4. Zone of rest - rest and relaxation
  5. Zone of decongestion - connective tissue, mental and physical alertness
  6. Zone of the spine/soul axis - spine, physical and mental uprightness
  7. Zone of the upper eyelids - lymph, emotional buffering
  8. Zone of the lower eyelids - lymph swelling, kidney and urinary bladder
  9. Zone of the upper lip - intestines, detoxification and elimination
  10. Zone of power - life force and vitality
  11. Zone of joy - heart, wakefulness, joy, kindness from the heart
  12. Zone of will and firmness - will and firmness
  13. Zone of the polar balance - brain, harmonization of the individual polarities

Colorpuncture also helps supporting a variety of symptoms and conditions including:

Muscular/skeleton pain

Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Hormonal imbalance

Fatigue and fogginess


Digestive Issues

Allergies and environmental sensitivities

Food Addiction

Emotional Eating


Immune weakness, poor lymph flow & detoxification



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