People who has tried Colorpuncture experienced an immediate deep sense of calm and relaxation, and a positive shift of their chronic or acute symptoms. Read what else they have to say about it.

I felt alive, relaxed and motivated all at once. There was still the constant to-do list going over and over again in my head, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I felt happy and excited. I literally was smiling ear to ear with joy. As a result of colorpuncture, my palms weren’t sweating anymore, and my cheeks were flushed with rose color. My eyes were shining and I walked out of the office feeling lighter and free. I came home and wasn’t ravenous for food because I wasn’t emotionally eating. I sat down to do work and felt more productive in just a few hours than I did all weekend.
— Leslie, NYC

Colorpuncture is transforming my life, and Mauro’s passion for his work and commitment to his clients’ journey and success is deeply inspiring.

On a physical level, after just a few months of colorpuncture treatment, I have more energy and optimism. A cyst on my arm that I had had for over twenty years and had had surgically removed (it came back) went away for good after just a few weeks of treatment. A dislocated hip that no chiropractor or physical therapist had been able to help me with in the past 15 years seems to have gone back in its socket and no longer gives me pain.

Colorpuncture has helped with deep-seated transformation from past pain and programming to empowerment and trust. Through helping me clear and transmute the subtle light bodies of family karma and trauma, colorpuncture treatments are teaching me how to heal myself.

I strongly recommend colorpuncture treatments with Mauro for anyone seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
— Esme, NYC

I absolutely adore Mauro and this amazing work. I had never heard of colorpuncture before meeting him and I am consistently amazed at how deep this work goes. Who would have thought that light could change your health? I have had a few sessions with Mauro and am blown away by how much better I feel physically and emotionally afterwards. Colorpuncture has helped a lot with some destructive emotional patterns that I have as well as clearing headaches and back pain. I am so grateful for this awesome work!!
— Anna, NYC

I have been using Colorpuncture help with an injury. Although skeptical at first because I never heard of this modality, I gave it a try because Mauro has a background in nutrition and other healing arts. I was pleasantly surprised that the injury felt better after the first treatment. Subsequent treatments help the healing process and also allow for a completely rejuvenating respite. I leave completely relaxed.
— Shelly, NYC

I have been working with the power of Colorpuncture throughout the last year to target several issues:
-Bloated stomach
-Lack of focus
-Difficulty sleeping
-Emotional balance
-Cramping and back pain

I always feel immediately relaxed and at ease when treated, sometimes my mood instantly shifts! The real difference though, was noticed over the span of a few treatments. Give it some time for you to feel/see any changes.

Mauro is a certified therapist and takes the time to get to know you to understand what you need help with- I happily recommend his services to anyone who wants a non-intrusive, gentle therapy with wonderful results!
— Alaina, NYC

After only one session I immediately became extremely calm and the night of the treatment I slept for 4 hours straight like I haven’t experienced for months. My body also fell into a healthier sleep routine and gained more energy for my day activities.
— Blake, NYC

After running some diagnostics on my skin, Mauro treated me with colored light on my ears, feet and belly.
The day after my first treatment with Mauro, I found that my throat pain and phlegm symptoms have already almost disappeared. This is pretty amazing, since I’ve tried different things to heal for the previous months.
— Sibilla, Milan

I was feeling terrible! My body hurt all over, my stomach was cramping and bloating, and I literally had NO ENERGY what so ever, then I came to Mauro and I feel 10x better. The procedure was painless, relaxing, and only took about 10 minute (I was so relaxed, I actually wished it was longer lol). Now trust me when I say that I’m pretty skeptic about everything, and I never been in any type of acupuncture session before; but I’ll totally be back for another. :)
— D.R., NYC

Before meeting Mauro, I’d never heard of Colorpuncture. After four sessions I am a fan of it. Mauro is a thoughtful practitioner, guiding one repeatedly to “listen” to one’s body and sense the subtle energy and shifts within it. His approach is scientific. The modality itself I find balancing and stabilizing. It brings me present. The results are more significant than I thought they’d be. I recommend trying it!
— Stephanie, NYC