Smells are powerful emotional and physical stimuli for our system. Particular scents have worked for me in the past, but after a while they lost my interest and did not provide any real benefit. Applied topically, in some cases I have even caused suspicious eruptions on the skin.

That is ... until now!

Follow the search for the highest quality oils and learn how you can use them to support your best health.  


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Technically, essential oils are volatile aromatic essences naturally present in plants. Roots, branches and even tree resin. The purest and most difficult to reach oils can be considered better in a dose ratio. 28 cups of peppermint tea are equivalent to one drop of pure peppermint oil.

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Essential oils are very effective for supporting mental and physical difficulties without creating harmful side effects. The reason is that they are not just don't work at the symptom level but uproot the deepest causes. Also, did I tell you that these oils are 5-7 times more powerful than herbs?

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SAFETY matters

Just like food, oils are easily absorbed in our body. Quality counts for oils. Wether they are contaminated or contain harmful fillers, and whether they are verified by a third party, make the difference between one oil and another. Continue to read to learn what brand I personallychoose ..


DESPITE the knowledge of these tHESE OILS AND THEIR USE IN OUR EVERY DAY ROUTine is still little, they ARE REALLY EASY TO USE, AND they are very SAFE FOR adults, kids, AND EVEN PETS!


How to use pure essential oils?

This is one of my favorite areas, because I teach you the 3 ways to use them.

Here we go!

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It has recently been revealed that humans can distinguish more than 1 trillion odors! Olfaction is an instrument capable of arousing powerful physiological, mental and emotional responses. Essential oils are rapidly absorbed by the odor receptors, which have a direct connection with the limbic system through the olfactory nerve. The limbic system is part of the brain that supports a variety of functions including olfaction, emotions, behavior and memory. For this reason, essential oils have a particularly powerful effect through aromatic application.


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Topical application is a very effective method for the use of essential oils. Because essential oils have low molecular weights and are fat-soluble, they penetrate easily into the skin. Once absorbed, they remain in the area for a localized benefit. Skin care, especially in case of dry or flaky skin as it helps to moisturize the skin and slow down the evaporation of the oil. However, these oils can also be used for damaged skin and tense muscles.  Their applications are many!


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Some essential oils can be used as food supplements. When in their concentrated form, essential oils can be included as food supplements. (* not all brands of essential oils can be consumed internally, so please do your research! I use only CPTG®'s certified doTerra oils)



What can pure essential oils support?

Essential oils can be integrated safely and effectively in our every day's  lifestyle. Learn a short list of situations in your life where you can use their support.



Pure essential oils are powerful, effective and safe when used as tensions, scars and soothing after a hard workout at the gym. I use them religiously before and after my performances to improve performance and help.

Oils provide effective digestive support, help regulate sleep patterns, promote healthy metabolism and manage hunger cravings. Oils are an effective alternative to synthetic options to boost the immune system and protect against environmental threats.

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Both pure essential oils and emotions are chemical molecules that directly influence our energy level, mood and behavior. Therefore, they are great allies for supporting stress and burnout syndrome, something very common to most people.

Some blends improve and support a sense of concentration and clarity, reduce stress and anxious feelings.



If you're like me, you do not want to use toxic products in your home! Fortunately, it is super easy to create your own cleaning products. After switching to oils, I suddenly became very sensitive to anything that contains perfume, chemical ingredients or artificial fillers. I will never look back!

Oils are a safe and effective alternative to toxic detergents. They are an excellent natural solution to keep those insects away and to breathe clearly and simply.



Essential oils are a great alternative and provide your skin with what you need to stay healthy and look young. What you put on your skin, penetrates deep within your internal organs. Because of the nature of pure essential oils, your body will recognize and absorb all the goodness that these allies full of nature elements have to offer, make you feel and look younger and rejuvenated!

A simple daily routine such as applying lavender with coconut oil in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep, can soften and moisturize your delicate skin with non-toxic products.



Cooking with aromatic extracts is as old as the Egyptians and the Romans. More recently, every food you buy in the "central aisle" has a sort of flavor, color and artificial or natural extract. Using pure essential oils in your kitchen brings back the natural use of cooking elements that we have forgotten from the chemical revolution.


so, About getting pure oils...



Let me tell you what which brand I trust the most and why... 



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Modern Essential oils have been around for many years. But never before, quality has been achievable with a cutting-edge scientific approach. doTerra® reinvents the idea of purity by introducing its quality standards: CPTG® or Certified Purity Therapeutic Grade is what the company considers the highest quality oil ever produced, which it defines as beyond organic. It is also tripled tested by third-party suppliers and each lot is trackable online. Based on my personal experience and empirical evidence offered by my clients,  I agree 100% that doTerra®'s oils are very special when it comes to potency and quality.  And I know about 5 million families who are already using them think the same!

Social Good COMPANY

This is a big one for me. I like working beyond the quality of what a company sells, and doTerra® corresponds to my ethics and values. doTerra® teams up with growers and negotiates fair trade taxes while building infrastructure and communities in the position of the new partner. Their charity company Healing Hands Foundation saves thousand of children around the world from sex slavery, and reintegrate them into society with their educational programs. When I use oils and share them with others, I know that I'm changing the world. Did I mention that doctors are opening up all over the country to supplement the use of oils in their practice?

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I have myself a lot of empirical evidence of the added value added to my lifestyle by these oils. Whether it's mental or physical, these oils really make me feel supported and protected.

Success stories come in every day from people I share these products with. I've collected plenty of testimonials that prove to me everyday that these oils really do what they claim! 

Welcome to the new self-directed healthcare, where prevention is better than reaction, where real causes are uprooted instead of just blocking their symptoms. Welcome to my doTerra®'s world!

Now that you know a little bit more about pure essential oils, take them to your home. In the next section, I will show you how ...